Episode 73

Aaron Eisman

If you can read this, you already know about social media.⁠

Social Media is everywhere and accounts for a lot of our networking and staying connecting with friends and family. We spend so much time on social media apps that companies all over utilize social media to promote their products and brands.⁠

The sports industry is no different. Sports in social media is running rampant and gains more popularity and followers every day. The minds behind the teams and leagues find creative solutions to keep their fans engaged and also usher in a new generation of fans.⁠

Our guest for episode 73 is Aaron Eisman. He is the CEO of Eisman Digital Consulting and also the author of the soon to be released book "The Golden Era of Sports Social Media". Aaron has years of experience in social media for companies like NFL & Bleacher Report to name a few. He has his own consulting company to help you leverage your social media strategy and he shares his experiences in his book, as well as the experiences of many of the sports worlds biggest social media experts.⁠

Join us for episode 73 to find out more about Aaron's story and we will hear about some of his iconic experiences while working in the industry.⁠


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