Episode 74

Denise Zack

Mindset is everything!

There is no greater truth to that statement. We all have multiple monsters (thoughts) inside of us. Your path will be determined by the monster you are feeding.

Joining us for episode 74 is Denise Zack. Denise is a Mindful Life Coach that can help you find the mindfulness you are looking for or even just a quick reminder to put you back on the right path. Denise is also helping sports tech startup entrepreneurs with GamePlanU as well as any others interested in contacting her.

Denise hosts her own show called Mindset Mondays where she speaks to her guests on how they have used their mind to bring them where they are today. Our host @majiikmike13 was on with her a few months ago

We are excited to have her join Fan Experience TV to continue the conversation and hear her thoughts on mindset as well as some of her fan experiences around sports.

You can connect with Denise at DeniseZackLifeCoach.com


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