Episode 3

Scott Wolfe

The first weekend of MLB is in the books for the 2020 season.  Everything should be great with baseball back in action and NBA & NHL right around the corner, but here come the Miami Marlins.  We talk about the ripple effect that the Marlins sent through the league in the first weekend of baseball.

We also welcome our guest Scott Wolfe, a group sales representative for the Florida Panthers(NHL).  We talk to Scott about growing up a huge sports fan and learn more about his career with the New York Mets and Florida Panthers.  We also ask him if he is rooting for his childhood team Islanders or his new employer in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

The Fan Experience is a platform that puts real fans under the spotlight and behind the podium. Have you ever tried to call into your favorite sports talk show to say a few words about your team? If you come on our show we will allow you to vent about your team and also share your stories on how they became your team and your favorite fan experiences around your favorite sports. 

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Favorite Fan Experience: Going to my first football game @ the meadowlands New Orleans Saints vs NY Jets December 24th, 1995. It was sooooooo cold that day and the Jets lost. But I will never forget being there for the first time.